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I only want to copy shapes of other avatars, nothing else.
I have issues with Darkstorm Shoopedstorm and Neillife.
Is there any other software whch i could try?

Greetings Sarayanna.

use Hydrastorm the best viewer and its from this forum 
just take a avatar you like to copy and export the xml,
then you got a menu, or you say all, and with texture
or you take only the shape from that list and save to your computer
you can open that file with Notecard++ or wordpad
or if you have a shape in your inventory, stand on it and save as

Shoopedstorm and Neillife  

Thank you Lagertha, Hydrastorm is really cool. If i copy shapes, the body is perfect. But the shape of the bento head is terrible. How can I get the values (Head/Eyes/Ears/Nose/Chin) of a Bento head. I know that my head must be the same as the one I copy..

Greetings Sarayanna.

@Sarayanna yes you must have also the same head as the one you will have,
the head, eyes, ears, nose and chin are also only numbers, 
what you can try, take demo from that shape and save that shape then for sure you have the good sizes
how do you get the name of the  creator from that shape, the uuid numbers in the shape file is from the creator

Hello Lagertha.
The problem is that the shapes are modified by the people who wear it. or that a friend of them was making it. So I can`t get a demo. I think i can only try to make it similar by changing the values by myself. I still don`t understand. If I copy a shape, and I have the same head of the one who i copied the shape from. Why does the head have wrong values, while the body is perfect?

When i have the UUID number, how do I find the creator then? for example: a16915e8-e51d-9078-bd04-543a8fca0101

Greetings, Sarayanna.

@ sarayanna don't use everytime the replay button use the @ and the name who you want to answer

yes the shapes are most of the time modify by the owner from that head, but if you take a copy the shape then you have the shape what they wearing
you must change every part with the numbers, or they have another head then you think, then the shape dont work on yours.
what head are you want to copy and did you buy yours or are you wearing a copy?
maybe you can make a picture from her/his head and picture from you head

@ lagertha, I was buying a Catwa Sophia head and I was buying a Maitreya  Lara body. The one I want to copy has also a catwa head Sophia and a Belizza mesh body.
The body is not the problem, only the head is the problem. With the copied shape i look like this:

[To see links please register here]

, it looks totally different to her.
I dont have a picture of her, when she is on the sim again i will take a picture.


@ Lagertha, ok this is her. 

[To see links please register here]


@sarayanna looks to shame shape to me, its only another skin tone you head is bigger then hers
you must take off your face animations and your make-up, look then again

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