how to catch a victims ip

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hello people

use page web 

[To see links please register here]

register on the website

use LINK of ip atacke as I do

rezz prim
put in the middle your iplogger link to know the ip of the victim

When the victim clicks on automatic, his ip will be saved

what is someone's ip for?

you can perform several ddos ​​attacks among other attacks such as getting passwords files everything we know as hacking

there shields?

Yes, but you have to enter SL with vpn and change the IP mask. Some white hat hacking sell programs so they don't throw the internet at you

in the example I did it on a rezz tv

the object can be added?

If it can be added and you can also use the combat attacks, you only need a click from the victim

it all depends on your imagination

does the person need to turn on their media?

Do not worry about how much you click on the cube, it does not matter which right click or left click in automatic you will have the ip in your ips bank of the iplogger page


[Image: vjD1WO8.png][Image: RIpo9mR.png][Image: p4Vh1Bo.png][Image: YFhaLyC.png][Image: hNJcVmv.png]

Love your stuff man, your the best.

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