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I have been getting an error uploading stuff on SL and OSGrid that mostly affects rigged mesh while calculating weights & fees

On SL I get the Error "Linden Catch-All"
On OSGrid its "c0 failed to upload: Failed sending data to the peer"

It also sends a log which I have no idea what is wrong with it I tried to export through Blender and etc

2020-09-09T20:49:18Z DEBUG #LLSingleton# llcommon/llsingleton.cpp(517) `anonymous-namespace'::log : LLLoginInstance depends on `anonymous namespace'::Globals
2020-09-09T20:49:18Z INFO # newview/llappviewerwin32.cpp(685) LLAppViewerWin32::init : Turning off Windows error reporting.
2020-09-09T20:49:18Z INFO # newview/llappviewerwin32.cpp(596) LLAppViewerWin32::disableWinErrorReporting : WerAddExcludedApplication() succeeded for FirestormOS-HYDRASTORM.exe
2020-09-09T20:49:18Z INFO # llcommon/llapp.cpp(546) LLApp::startErrorThread : Starting error thread

On OSGrid its "c0 failed to upload: Failed sending data to the peer"

ive been running into this problem also .. havent yet found a sloution :(

i think a conflict between your windows and the viewer, maybe you using win64, and try to upload with a win32 viewer

maybe you have something on this past the first error in google you will  find there a log from that conflict

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i am sure you can find the other errors on google too,
read the rules 1-6

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I found the solution for me the problem was that I guess my viewer couldnt link with my VPN and turning it off made it work so its most likely a network issue

It could be a server issue.

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