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Maybe it is a stupid question. Someone can help me to copybot catwa head?  I know can export in DAE or XML or use MeshesSL. Personaly i prefer rig manual with blender and Avastar.  My problem it is static mesh head it is scale rotate or something alse difficult to rebuild.  There is samething i don't know?

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I think you are just making it difficult for yourself.
Use MesheSL 39 or 42, 
Import straight to SL
Delete Demo sign.
Job done

I'm  not create problem without no problem as you think. The problem exists it is not sense to do something no perfect and it is what happend. 

Do you think it is rig correct here?

                                                                     [Image: 1598711767_0xGwWaHqnE4P766.png]
The problem it is the same not bento skeletor in create MeshesSL DAE missing NODE ID Bento

No, you are correct, it is a problem. But the skeleton is bento. Do the fingernails stay in that position when the hand moves? from the picture it looks like a weighting problem. Slink has several different fingernail sizes, have you inspected all the different sizes?

Yes it is a weitght problem there is no weight correct becouse ok skeleton became bento in import but weight not correct.  I tray all slink lenght and there is problem in all. Also problem in feet.  So not good.  In generate DAE there is notthing bento skeletor. i think there is interst to know how generate weigth. In xml there is notthing maybe  read in viewer cache or i don't know.

<p>man im glad i decided to take a look tonight b/c i  hvae been trying to bring in the heads and bodies from here and they look like shit and dont do anything thanks guys time to pull a all nighter </p>

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