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Maybe it is a stupid question. Someone can help me to copybot catwa head?  I know can export in DAE or XML or use MeshesSL. Personaly i prefer rig manual with blender and Avastar.  My problem it is static mesh head it is scale rotate or something alse difficult to rebuild.  There is samething i don't know?

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I normally get an error after pressing Copy the slm mesh files for all models: "Form 1" Unhandled, exception has occurred in you appliation.  Common Language Runtime detected an invalid program.  Could this be the reason why the skeleton fails to be generated?  But I have no idea how to solve this.  My imported model to Blender doesn't have a skeleton, but seems to be rigged.

Well. this is the result I get when I imprt Freya head 4.5  without checking the dae data import oprions:
[Image: 1598278231_ObeteMgt8Y0xgYy.PNG]

And this is the result I get when I import to blender checking all the data umport options:

[Image: 1598278277_TLUZSdGTjNc4xX5.PNG]
and here is a link to the dae ready to upload: (The rar includes both the DAE and a Blend file for you to mess around with)

[To see links please register here]

I am using Blender: 2.8x
MeshesSL: V
And Hydrastorm 6.3

I dont hit the Copy SLm files for all models, I simply hit the create Dae file

I must be doing something wrong, just don't know where.  My MeshesSL doesn't seem to generate any bones.  I realised that clicking the DAE import settings or not, makes no difference, no bones imported.  How long do you usually wait once you clicked the XML Export "Save As..." button?

My steps: 1. clear hydrastorm cache and close hydrastorm, 2. open meshesSL, 3. open hydrastorm, 4. either click on the object or just go to People / Ap0110 Hydra Menu / Av Export SML. 5. Check the object to be copied, click on download textures, then Save As... 6. wait for like 30 seconds, 7. close hydrastorm 8. find the XML file in MeshesSL, and Create dae files for all models

You certainly dont want to clear your cache imho, infact I have increased the size of my cache by hitting cntrl+alt+shift+S to open debug settings and type in cache, locate cache size and increase, mine is 10 gbs!

What I do.
1. Open Hydrastorm  and log in.
2. right click on the item I want to rip, and export as XLM, with textures included check box
3. Right click and HS textures and save all the textures - thats optional
4. Close Hydrastorm
5. Open MeshesSL, locate XLM file and hit generate Dae
6. couple seconds later I have the ripped rigged mesh.

the version in the link that you have provided of meshesSL 42 doesn't seem to work, the bones are not generated.  Are there any settings to write the bones, or could you kindly upload the version 42 that you are using?  Thanks.  I used the older version that Zero uploaded in her youtube video ver 39 (Alwayswriteskeleton), and the bones are copied.

Do you know how to change the creator's name?  I've seen some people able to do it, but I just don't know how.  There is a youtube video talking about loading an object by that particular creator on the floor, then uploading and XML file, and the creator's name will change to the floor object's creator.  But I'm not sure about DAE files.

No that would be with prims not mesh and you add the full perm object into Hydrastorm. But you can simply link an object to the imported mesh as root and it will display that as the creators name. You can find lots of full perm objects for free on MP.

Link to the MeshesSL I am using has been updated in my sig, thanks for letting me know

wow, you are so smart, that would truely be God mode in SL.  could you upload the copy of meshesSL ver42 that you are using, because the copy in your link is the version that doesn't generate bones.  Thanks!

the version in your link is 39, the same as Zero's one, do you have ver 42?

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