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Maddie Tan Tone

Face:  14af6d11-4a6d-0d70-08ba-89bdb0226646
Upper:  a6f18aac-680c-d978-a548-79abceec9fd6
Lower:  9ca129b0-e3e0-b0dc-a87c-1f0253c5cb04

Maddie Caramel Tone

Face:  ee8f864a-b75f-1e06-41a6-5abbf70903b5
Upper:  d5d40d60-0bce-8b9a-c978-109c30cbd27a
Lower:  9eb4b4b7-bc9e-12f2-426d-2f9661fa11e5

Maddie Nougat Tone

Face:  0eca6608-ea05-b050-0cb8-223a606071ee
Upper:  c008c1e4-5fd6-cd0b-6105-8936a6cb5482
Lower:  161b805f-7169-a1ab-ea2b-886d4b72a0b0

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