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(Stolen From our dear @Zerothe10th website)
Animation extraction

Extracting animations is the same as it used to be in darkstorm
However if you never use darkstorm
Then you have no idea how it used to be done
Don't worry I'm here to explain it to you
Let's begin the chapter

There are multiple ways to extract animations using Hydra
Mass extraction via saved folders
Single extraction from the inventory
Or extraction from the animation preview window

It is worth noting that there is no way you can extract animations from an object
For example if you are in a store that has animations on display
You cannot go into edit mode and select the animations from the display and try to extract them or play them
This will cause the viewer to crash

In instances like this you would have to use the animation preview extraction however that's later on in a tutorial

Another thing to keep in mind is that due to the change and code we can no longer extract bvh animations.
Attempts at extracting animations in bvh format will cause the viewer to crash.

This doesn't mean we can't extract the animation oh no we can still get them
We will just have to convert them into bvh format.

Speaking of formats allow me to take a moment to explain what
types of formats Second Life uses for animations


 Bvh and anim are the default animation formats used by second Life
These two formats can be imported with any viewer both legit and copybot.

Bvh is the most popular well it was the most popular format for classic animations as they could be imported in a number of 3D editing software such as blender as well as second life
However with the rise of bento animations people begin to favor. Anim format
This format had advantages over the bvh format as it would allow you to set the priority all of the animation during the export in blender. As well as the loop and other settings that bvh tends to drop.
The downside to using. Anim is that there is no native import support for 3D programs like blender.

So creators what do you use it instead of bvh to distribute animations because people weren't able to import into their work space like bvh format.

However a converter was created that allowed us to convert anim files into bvh which can be used in our favorite 3D programs
Please be sure to download the add-on for this if you intend to modify animations

That's it for those two but what about .animatn?
This format can only be used with copybot viewers
In essence it is the same as anim animation in fact you can just remove the aTN from the file name and it will give you an .anim file.

However that aTn allows you to bulk import animation files which is something that you can't do when the file is in bvh or anim.

But that's only if you use a copy bot viewer book animation any normal viewer will reject the file and say it's not supported.
Use this format if you plan on re-upload animations that already have the proper priority and settings.

Now that we have the warnings out of the way let's begin on the methods of extraction

Method 1- single extraction

Type A: via inventory

If you already have the animation in your inventory you can extract it by simply right clicking on it and selecting save as
A menu will come up and ask you where you want to save the file
Simply Save the file and you will have it in .animatn format

Type B: Via menu
If you have the animation in your inventory and you want to save it in another besides.animatn this is where the menu comes into play simply double-click the animation and you'll be greeted with a menu that will give you options to play with

Play in the world- play the animation in world
This will allow you to play the animation in world so that everyone can see it this is good if you have a non trans animation that someone wants to copy and wants to use the animation Explorer on you

Play locally- this will allow you to play the animation but only you will be able to see it

Save .animatn- this will allow you to save your animation in .animatn just like we did above by clicking save as

Save BVH- this will allow you to save the animation in BVH format however as we explained above selecting this box will cause the viewer to crash it is strongly suggested that you do not click this button
Copy uuid- this will allow you to copy the uuid of the animation and use it in instances where you don't want to put your animation inside things for example if you have a script that accepts uuids instead of inventory animations you can use this to get the ID from the animation.
Re-upload L$: If you have the animation inside of your inventory and you wish to upload it without saving it to your hard drive press this button and the animation will be re-upped to your inventory however your account will be charged the 10L upload fee
Sorry there's no way to get around that when Second Life once their money they take their money..

Method 2: Animation viewer
The animation viewer also known as the animation Explorer allows you to view all the animations that are playing in the area
In previous versions you are able to select yourself and see all the animations that were playing however that pesky code change again has fixed that so now you can only view the animations that someone else is playing through the animation Explorer

So if there is an animation that you want as we gave from the example above by a store you will need to have someone on the pad. Using the display animation and then have the person who is using the copybot to select the Avatar. Then select Avanimation
Or select the animation Explorer via the hydrastorm menu at the top of the viewer .
Selecting these will bring up the animation viewer which is broken down the multiple parts

The panel on the left shows the animation who is playing the animation how long it was played and what priority the animation is.
On the right side you'll notice a second life Avatar (a default Ruth) this is the preview animation window
As you select an animation from the left tab the Ruth and the preview window will preview the animation for you.
When you select the animation that you want you can press the
CpToInv button what's your bring up the single export menu that we explained earlier. Please refer to that earlier to Passage in order to navigate this menu.

If you want all of the animations that the person is playing you can press the button next to the CpToInv the CpAllToInv
This will copy all of the animations from the left panel to the animations folder inside of your local inventory folder.
From there you can begin a mass extraction and save all of the animations at once.

Method 3- Mass extraction/ Folder saving.
Any event that you have a large amount of animations you need saved hydra makes it easy for you to do so. Instead of saving each animation one at a time, you can simply right click on the folder with the animation and select save as
This will save every animation (as well as every save as exportable) to your computer.
All you have to do is Select where you want the folder to save
The animations(as well as the other exportables) will save to your location and a folder what the same name as it was in Second Life.
For example if you put all of your animations in the folder called animations when you save it to your computer it will be in a folder called animations.
All of the animations will be in .animatn format. This was done so that they can be bulk imported back in world.

Common questions

How do I extract animations inside of an item?
As I stated before you cannot pull animations from an item, so if you want to get the animations from inside the item you will have to rezz the item open it and extract its content into your inventory.

What if I cant rezz the item, because of a no rezz script how do I get the animations then?
If the animations are still inside the object simply wear the object, going to the contents panel and drag the animations from the object to your inventory manually.

What if there are no animations inside the item and it's just Scripts?
If this is the case then you need to follow the methods for using the animation Explorer the animations may not be in the item however they are playing and thus can be explored and thus can be extracted,,, thusly

What is my animations are not full perm can I still extract them

But that's not morally right what about the Creator
Get out close this tutorial in walk away


I have a number of animations in .animatn and .anim format how do I convert them into a bvh file?
Going to the add-ons old are on our website and download the anim2bvh program.
The program is pretty straightforward simply select the.animatn/.anim and convert it into a bvh.

Well that's it for animations we are now going to move on to the next topic

Page 3 (The above is first post of this thread)
Tried all options for extracting animations. I just keep getting an animation window with tons of animations that keep moving, cannot even see the animation in the right window. Using the latest Hydra. Can someone help?

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