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(Stolen From our dear @Zerothe10th website)

 Mesh extraction

Being able to extract prims and sculpt satisfying all however the real pudding is in mesh extraction
In this tutorial I will show you how to extract static mesh
As well as how to turn prims and sculpts into mesh.

Chapter 4 section 1: Mesh extraction

Almost all mesh can be extracted from Second Life there are some really large pieces that take a lot of effort to extract but for the most case the process is the same

First we're going to need a subject if you use dark storm in the past then the process is exactly the same nothing has changed you can skip this part if you want to.

But if you're still reading this I suppose you want to know how to do it
For this part of the manual are subject will be Bitsy the Newbie Chihuahua
When you start second life these days as a woman they give you a small Chihuahua and a duffel bag(aint it cute)
This dog start test subject.

First we're going to rezz the dog on the ground
If you're in a no rezz zone
You can still extract as long as you have the ability to select the mesh.
Fortunately I'm in a sandbox so I can rezz the dog out

Once the dog is on the ground we're going to right click and select save as
you will see a menu that will have all of the textures that make up the dog
it will  ask you if you wish to save the textures consolidate the textures skip transparent and apply params you want to make sure everything is checked except for the skip transparent since we  the transparent textures
You're also going to be asked what format you want to save the textures in.
By default it is in PNG but you can change it to TGA or j2c format
I'm going to stick with the PNG becayse that makes it easier for me to edit and view.
 Once we selected everything we're going to press the save as button and make sure that we give it a simple name without any special characters in it.

(If you want to know what special characters are just look at all the symbols on the top row of your keyboard the ones that are on the numbers the! The hashtag the dollar find the percentage so on so far those are counted as special characters so if you see any of those symbols on your file name you want to remove them before saving.)

Another thing that's worth mentioning is the make sure that the "Only select my objects"
 feature in the build and options menu is unchecked leaving that box checked will cause extraction to fail.

Page 2 (The above is first post of this thread)
Some furniture and objects i try to copy over, ends up all white. i can pull the textures over seperatly and reapply them im wondering if im doing something wrong?

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