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I threw this quick simple Copybot viewer together since SL has destroyed all of the old ones. This is just a quick sample and I will add more CopyBot features later on next week. This should get you through your cobybot withdrawals for the time being. I didnt package it as a setup.exe, just extraxt the zip file and get busy. This is not a final version only a simple version to get you back to copybotting. I dont want to hear your complaining and shit! Thank me later and Enjoy.

[Image: secondlife_icon.png?w=300&h=300]
️Export Collada .dae with textures
️Import / Export .OXP as Linkset...
️Bulk Upload
️CopyBot Prims Inworld from the Save as Backup Menu.

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I thank you very much!

it will not work on my end it says Faild something

Thank you a lot, good work. Curious to see future feature changes/updates.

thanks very much to this wiever

Thanks very much :)

Many thanks !

Is there a MacOs version? Thank you :)

Thank You very much for this amazing upload. Gonna test now!

what makes this a copybot? iv found no option to do anything

you can't use it anymore its just the info see year from share (2019)
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