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I'm hiring developers to assist with Viewer Development. You must know the basics of C++ coding. You should also know how to compile and run the Second life viewer. It's time that we focus on new and improved features for our viewers. If you have the skills and would like to join us, please message me your qualificatications and what you want regarding compensation.

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I have been accepted as a Developer. WOOOO!

I wish I had the time and skills required to help in the development of a new client.
However, I would like to make a suggestion. Unity.
Build a client where you can build mesh directly into the main grid. 
There is already a Unity - OpenSim client. Heres a link you might find interesting:
LL have been trying to lure Unity to get more involved in SL and San for years.


:)Hope it all works out :)

Hey, are you still looking :) ?

I think I have the skill set you are looking for. I have over 5 decades experience designing and coding, currently retired.
I am 76 years old, so a bit of old school style, but fluent in C++, C# and numerious other languages.
I have build FS viewers and made some fairly extensive mods. Inventory clothing management, Build in speciality movement controls, etc.
I have over 10 years in SL, but I spend most of my time in Opensim nowdays. I have also done several mods to the Opensim server.

If interested, email me at [email protected]

(01-28-2018, 10:14 AM)noway hozee Wrote: hehe first idea save a riigged mesh from the viewer so we dont have to use MeshSL

Indeed, rigging data + material data, enve in two coherent steps

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