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ETA Elixir boat + instructions how to make it usable with another boat scripts

1 - import xml file

2 - Be sure the root prim is the red cube in front of the seats

3 - turn the boat to the east

4 - Buy (free) and rezz Michie Marine SD35 boat (

[To see links please register here]

[Image: Snapshot-007.jpg]
5 - Create 2 folders in your inventory, one for root prim scripts and one for wake scripts

6 - Edit SD35 and copy all root prim scripts in your inventory (root prim folder), then edit (by part) SD35 propeller and copy the 2 scripts in your wake folder

7 - Edit Elixir and copy all root prim scripts in the boat content

8 - Edit both red balls at rear one by one and copy wake scripts to each of them

9 - Replace "config" notecard int the root prim with the custom one you'll find in this ZIP file (it sets sit position up)

10 - Now you can make root prim and red balls transparent (invisible)

11 - Boat is ready !

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.zip   ETA Elixir + how to (Size: 8.91 KB / Downloads: 80)

thank you for the wonderful step by step instructions that evne a noob like me can understand.  Proud new owner of the Elixir boat thanks to you.

Awesome! Will reply if it works. Or not ;-D

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