Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.5

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[Image: maitreya-v3-41.jpg?resize=475%2C563]

Developer Kit - 

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(01-08-2022, 08:10 PM)Kxxllz Wrote:

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I am very confused. It's a blob when uploaded

seems you have problems with uploading i read that also by a mesh body
do you have payment info, if not you cant upload mesh so far i remember

Yes, I do have payment info. I've uploaded Reborn Ebody just fine, but when trying to upload this body it's all just a blob doesn't look put together?

tysm youre so kind

So I have the same issue as Kxxlz and the reason that its not working is because there is no rig.

Very nice, thank you

the files are not properly rigged  zero tried her best on her version given her limitations ..
however this "body" even its "native version" of ripped off assets is high poly crap that only creates lag due to sl's hard limits period you do not need high poly count to have nice looking well rigged body !!
as the triangular tessellation is bad vs quadrile tessellation and equally mesh decimation of surface faces :/ less truthfully is more!! inregaurds to poly (aside from straight boxy looking that is just too far..) it is after all the surfaces and the texture you see unless your running around in wireframe mode 24/7..

im trying to upload attach pictures  but this forum is very weird with that so i dont know :/ as visual aids seem to help most people understand from an instructional standpoint
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Quote:     "ProteanLifeform" pid='85036' dateline='1642119857'
So I have the same issue as Kxxlz and the reason that its not working is because there is no rig.

because you pratically have to take the files into a 3rd party 3d asset program  and re allign /weld them then rig it .. the top dile zero tried dor a dev kit  but its rigging ans alignments are way off ...this is a rip from sl of ripped off asset from tomb raider game by original socalled maker who has gotten rich from rippinoff content they themselves did not actually make  which is the sad state of secondlife today
all they(socalled original creator) did was overly subdivide the original game ripped modle asset  to increas its poly density to an insane level to make it laggy:/

"I'm Just a simple person trying to make my way in the universe" - Jango Fett - bounty hunter 

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