Firestorm Professional version - 4-7-8-49023

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Firestorm Professional version 4-7-8-49004
~ For Second Life and OpenSim ~

*Import / Export .OXP as Linkset...
*Import / Export .XML
*Export Collada .dae
*Export / Rip Textures
*Copy / Past UUID
*Bulk Upload
*Copy / Import /Export Animations, Textures, Sounds to Local Inventory
*Sound preview ripping added in inventory
*Ripping buttons added to sound explorer or world drop down menu
*Upload / Download Teaxture List
*Export items from Radar
*Export Avatar from Radar
*Import / Export shape, skin, animation, eyes, notecards and gestures to #Local Inventory
*Rip Textures from inspect texture floater to #Local Inventory
*Copy all textures and shapes to #Local Inventory
*Rip everyons animations - save .antm files from animation explorer.
*AO now accepts uuid notecards also will auto reload them upon login to #Local Inventory
*Send objects Off World (destroy)
*Teleport To Safety and rez a platform if you are being griefed
*Force Undeform if you are being griefed
*Mass Delete Region Owned Objects - Theis will delete all items that you own
*Add Particles and Inject particles to prims owned by you
*Rip Particles
*Rip Animated Textures
*Mac/ID0 spoofing

Download --

[To see links please register here]

SHA-1:    0a22555283937af580c812a54f8e2e7a82a35756
MD5:    4e78680b8a0b60d08c56f5696412ab3e
CRC32:    76b8d285

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Wow so cool, thanks you! Wrote:Wow so cool, thanks you!

does this work on mac

Why is it that when I log on the viewer it allows me to edit textures from a no mod object but when I log on the regular Firestorm viewer the edited object appears as not edited and still wearing the original no mod texture?
Is there a way to make the textured editing permanent?

@CaptainChips, you can copy and shave it on your computer, then you have, and the texture and the uuid numbers, 
you can use the uuid numbers on objects or make a hud, then its perment,
the name says it already copybot viewer? so you can copy things, (inspect textures) then you have all whats on the object or on a avatar
that permission you dont have on the normal viewer

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