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Bits & Bobs Animations:

I bundled the Initiative, Kiss 7 & 8, Moments, Love Scene 1, Love Scene 2 and Love Scene 3 into a single package, with Conversions to BVH, as well as the Txt files for Bone Rotations. A Great set for those who like working in Blender... The Perfect starting point(s) to create new animations too! I have tested all the files and verified that they work, although you may need to do some clean-up depending on the model rig you are using. In order to accomplish this, I had to rename all the files from their originals, but they are paired with animations for Male and Female as annotated... Several Hours worth of work, as the conversions had to be done manually. I also ripped all the checksum code out of them to boot!

Ex 1: LS01F = is Love Scene One Female
Ex 2: LS01M = is Love Scene One Male

You get the idea... I have upload them as separate Archives... All the Animation and BVH files begin with a Tee-Pose Keyframe to assist anyone with editing files together. You can seam them together by removing the Keyframes, in any editor of your choosing.

.rar   Love_Scene_Anims.rar (Size: 375.38 KB / Downloads: 104)
.rar   Love_Scene_BVH.rar (Size: 1.52 MB / Downloads: 137)
.rar   Love_Scene_Txt.rar (Size: 65.14 KB / Downloads: 82)

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