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ONYX CLIENT - Skoupa - 05-03-2016

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I found this client at one of my old cds but its locked and i cant open it.
If onyone can crack the password and open it just post it.
I know its very powerfull browser for SL and give the ability to track anyone anywhere on the grid.

RE: ONYX CLIENT - Ap0110 - 05-03-2016

It was a powerful viewer, however its old. SL has pacted all those exploits years ago. It would be easier to grab the source code from here

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and build it than trying to crack the password. But like I said none of those exploits work anymore.

RE: ONYX CLIENT - Skoupa - 05-04-2016

I download source code but i wonder how can i use it? Did i have to put all that stuff in some client?

RE: ONYX CLIENT - Michaelâ„¢ - 07-09-2016

You would have to compile the client. However before that you would have to update the code to the new versions that match the current reality of the grid. That means a current version of firestorm source etc as well. A lot of work.