Woman Shoots Veterinarian After He Refuses To Do Sex Re-Assignment Surgery On Her Dog

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A New Hampshire woman, who doctors say suffers from schizophrenia, shot a local veterinarian after he refused to do a sex reassignment surgery on her beloved dog. Workers at the VCA Animal Hospital say 46-year-old Tabatha Green attempted to make several appointments over the phone for this “must needed” surgery for her dog Sparky.

But after being turned away 10 times, Green showed up with Sparky demanding a commitment from the hospital to do the surgery. After being denied once more, Green pulled out a handgun, ran to the back of the clinic and shot the veterinarian on duty. Dr. Robert Reid suffered a gunshot wound to the upper thigh.

“When she came in I could definitely see a deranged look in her eyes,” said receptionist Shelley Pearson. “When I told her we couldn’t help her, she started crying saying ‘Sparky wants to be a girl! She wants to be called Sparkly… Sparkly! Please help me!’ She was shaking and acting pretty much out of her mind. She kept saying her boy dog told her he wanted to be a girl. Then she threw a photo at me of her dog dress up in female clothing. I have no idea what that was about!”

It was at that point Green ran to the back of the clinic and workers heard gunshots. Several male workers in the back were able to subdue Green until police arrived. Eyewitnesses say they heard Green yelling at the doctor saying he was “lucky she missed” indicating that she was shooting for his genitals.

Green is currently in custody on a $2000 bond. Family members say she suffers from schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Sparky is currently in animal foster care.
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Good stuff. Thanks!


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