[Video] Making clothes in Marvelous Designer 2 for Second life : Basic leotard

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This is how I make a leotard in Marvelous designer 2, it may not be the right way but it works. Basically I'm using the polygon tool to make the shape of the leotard and sewing the shapes together.

Sorry for the lack of audio, My collection of music is like.. an acquired taste so i rather not shatter your ear drums with Ali project or Chiptune mixes.


[To see links please register here]

Some of my favorite fabric presets you can use too:

[To see links please register here]


Thank you so much! very helpfull , helps a lot <3

Does this work for MD5 as well?

Umm welll, MD5 removed some of the features that MD2 has so, somethings wont work but the general idea should.

Thank you Zero

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