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Yes yes, you can make a box and have penises flying out of it, but can you troll?

Trolling is almost always more beneficial, since it produces chat-logs full of RAGE and WIN. While the wiki explains how to script, build, etc, it's a little skimpy on trolling, so here's a few tips.

Nice try, Doppleganger.[Image: thumbnail_10282.jpg]

This is the main rule, solely because if you fail at trolling, they could counter-troll you and make you rage instead. Think up some alternate personalities (usually referred to as "Strawmen") to give your avatar, such as crackhead, Islamic extremist, person with cancer, etc. Then, open a new notepad document, and type up a few things this person is supposed to think or align with, so you don't lose your cool if you fuck something up. TL;DR: A person with a fake personality can't be raged.

Educate Thyself
[Image: flashing120.gif]

A highly accomplished Troll can create Lulz as if from thin air. A skilled Troll only needs to know the barest details of a group to cause massive butthurt. You are neither. As a neophyte, you must arm yourself with every speck of knowledge you can find. Learn everything you can about the group you are aiming for. Wikipedia, forums, social networks, independent webpages, Wikis by the group for the group, blogs. Everything. Once you learn all you can and have a feel for the groups collective personality. Start trying to get into THEIR heads just like you got into the heads of your false persona. Whenever you feel confident about youself, launch a real raid and see how you do. If it when poorly, analyze it and find out why.

TL;DR Without some looking into the Trollees, Mediocrity will be your best, and only result.


Caps lock in any argument is instant fail, as soon as you hit that key, you lose. If you think that capital letters are going to fix anything, you're wrong. Your main goal is to get them to rage, and a good sign of that is capital letters. Once they start spitting out threats in caps, pat yourself on the back, you just successfully trolled and/or raged a person. After this caps lock stage, lulz are very easily extracted, and they're usually so angry, anything said by them is incoherent and ignorable.

TL;DR: Caps lock is cruise control for fail and suck while trolling.


Seriously, the one killer of a otherwise epic troll is horrid spelling and grammar. If you start talking with superior sentence structure and they talk like a nine year old black kid from the ghetto, you already have a leg up on them. Not only is proper spelling and grammar easier to read and comprehend, it can be used to conceal veiled threats and convey serious business. For example, which would be more likely to rage someone?

A. Your feeble insults are laughable at best.

B. ur fukin sutpid

A obviously. Although, when the target of the troll says things like B, you can blow their feeble mind with a comment on how they can't even spell stupid right in the first place. Like the caps lock rule, sentence syntax can deteriorate in hand with how raged the target is. The more raged they are, the less likely they are to spend time thinking up coherent things to say, and the more time they spend spitting out lulzy things.

TL;DR: Proper spelling and grammar are the sign of a successful troll.

Trolling and shit

Yes, I know you're over 18 (Otherwise go away), but that doesn't mean you should troll with curse words. People who use language like that in an argument are buying a one way ticket to failure. Curse words are usually used by targets as they increase in rage, so this is yet another sign that you're close to achieving bawww and butthurt. That said, don't use them, since when someone says to me "fuk u man, ur a fgt", I hear "I'm sorry, but my limited vocabulary and reasoning skills don't allow me to come up with a coherent retort to your insult."

TL;DR: Curse words make you look about as intelligent as a box of hair.

Getting out of a Pickle

It is inevitable that, eventually, you will say/do something stupid. Here are some things that you should avoid, and ways to avoid them.

Increasingly long, drawn-out discussions on theoreticals. This becomes especially common when debating theists, as you'll somehow end up arguing about things *within* Christianity/Islam/etc, as opposed to whether or not Christianity/Islam/etc (or whatever religion/philosophy you're debating against) is actually true. In these instances, when in doubt, say "prove it".
1. If you find yourself lacking understanding of the subject (or part of the subject), wiki it.
2. If you run out of material or can't think, use Google to find other people who have argued on the same subject, and steal their arguments shamelessly. Just make sure they don't contradict anything that you've said.

Milking the lolzcow again

At some point your target will grow so weary of your constant assaults they will stop arguing with you, and outright mute you. At this point regular griefing probably won't net you anymore lolz, so you're going to have to switch game plans. Try:

Rolling a new identity.
Try switching up your text pattern, if you normally type elequintly try typing like a retard to simulate a run of the mill SLfag.
Try switching between American English, British English, and Engrish.
Find their online presence and attack it until they're goaded into responding to your abuse again.
Discover their alts, this can be as easy as doing a few google searches, although sometimes psyops are needed. (Aim, MSN, Yahoo messenger, ICQ, are your friend. People are pretty indiscriminate when it comes to having these posted across multiple alts, doing searches on these will likely turn up all their alts)
Social networking

Social Networks

If you need some practice, go to any of these sites before atempting SL. It's far easier to evade B&s on these then it is for SL.


Site is child's play. Just call people names, create a fake account to troll others, etc.


Like Myspace, this site is fucking childs play. Filled to capacity with camwhores/attention whores, MAN THE HARPOONS size whales, and morons, it is almost too easy to send anyone into a frenzy. It is best to use psyop tactics to turn everyone in the room against the host. Bonus points if the room has over 9000 people in it.


Slightly more mature, and therefore slightly more difficult to troll. Try going into polarized groups (AANR, I bet I can find 1,000,000 Christians, Ultimate Muslim Warriors, etc), and posting inflammatory material. Flame wars over politics and religion start very easily.


A site filled with angsty, retarded 16 year old camwhores. A breeding ground for trolls. Religion, especially, is bound to create shouting matches in video and comment form, between dozens of idiots.
Something That Might Help

Note that while this section might apply to Second Life specifically, by extension, the same can apply for trolling at other sites like Facebook, MySpace, and YouTube.

Before you go out trolling, you might want to take some time and play dress up with your avatar. The first thing people notice both IRL and ISL when you encounter them is your appearance, so showing up with the default avatar (aka: SL n00bie) can only make the task harder. There is plenty of free shit around SecondLife, specifically in the starting areas, so take a little time (just enough to look decent, any longer and you're a fag) and get some clothes and stuff like that. Some other places you may want to consider to get free shit are sims like the "Free Dove" (primarily for female avatars LOLNOWIMMINZONT3HINTARBUTTS), and some other places that I can't remember off the top of my head. Just search for "Free Avatars" and check what's listed.

Both IRL and ISL, appearance can make or break you.

TL;DR - Trolling can get ugly, but at least look halfway decent when you do.

Oh yeah, and if you think that trolling furries means getting a furry avatar, then you've already lost. GTFO and an hero.

More to be added a bit later.

[Image: XSEUCma.jpg]

Nice bro cheers for that good read leant some new shit from that
Howdy from down Under. Stay blazzed n work for lulzs
Patricotic niggras
And others I won't mention
Hire hacker pm me on fb peepantsfunnyclown
Activist hacker 4
Anonymous lulzsec redcult n my own crew

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