Sylva's Animation Factory (98% of animations)

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[Image: 230px-ZeroIIIArt.PNG]
Yes this is Sylva's Animation Factory's entire animation collection well say minus
Erotic Threesome, and ThroneXXX
Sorry I didnt have enough alts to do the threesome and the throneXXX would crash my viewer as soon as I sat on them so none of that.
Anywho this is like over 1000 animations according to my converter 3000 animations >_>
all in .anim format.
need em in bvh google .anim to bvh converter and there ya go..

Welp I hope this entertains ya,annnd oh yeaah this file.. it's huge, like a gig of animations and pictures of said animations.. soo yeeaaah Don't forget the thank you and the reps ^_^

I wonder how much these animations are worth >_>

[To see links please register here]


[To see links please register here]


amazing. thank you for the awesome work you put into this!! people dont know all of the things you have to aquire "stuff" and then post them here. high five!

keep it up!

wow thanks Zero!

ty for the messege and send me to this post! xxx

nice work and yes keepit up thank you for the uplaods

oh man, another afternoon shot to hell! Thanks!

thanks for sharing i love it thank tou

Wow what an amazing upload ty ty and great work must have taken forever

OMg youhave no idea how long this took, like this was back in the old days of animation extraction so like 3 maybe 4 days ;_:

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