Serious Issues Exporting Mesh!

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I'm going to ask a noob question, so any criticism is expected.

Also, notice by the picture that I am wearing a Maitreya Mesh Body and my viewer makes it look fucky.

I am using Darkstorm version 3.0.2

For a while now, anytime I try to export mesh, it always "failed to download". I right click the folder and click save, it saves everything else, it just doesn't save the objects.

[Image: 34049f7de5aec77bf674c608731cb64b.png]

And when I right click an individual object to save as collada, this happens.

[Image: 15604212910827126fa0f9dfbd2795ec.png]

I don't know what I'm doing wrong :( Does anyone have any suggestions or have any helpful advice to offer?

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Also, I've bought some shitty mesh from designers who Are on their developers list. I'd like to be able to re-rig some of the shit that I already paid for.

(03-10-2016, 08:23 PM)IvaIva81 Wrote:

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So, for maitreya body there is actually no way to rig ripped demo unless i have maitreya kit? :Crying:

Pretty much. To be accurate and have it work, you need to know what they did. The only other way is to go through Maya. That's what SL itself uses. And unless you are a student and prove it, its in the $ thousands.

hi michael, i realize your entry is from 2015 but I am curious to know what way there is to go through maya to retrieve or recreate the maitreya lara weights? any and alll info would be greatly appreciated ty :)

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