Serious Issues Exporting Mesh!

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I'm going to ask a noob question, so any criticism is expected.

Also, notice by the picture that I am wearing a Maitreya Mesh Body and my viewer makes it look fucky.

I am using Darkstorm version 3.0.2

For a while now, anytime I try to export mesh, it always "failed to download". I right click the folder and click save, it saves everything else, it just doesn't save the objects.

[Image: 34049f7de5aec77bf674c608731cb64b.png]

And when I right click an individual object to save as collada, this happens.

[Image: 15604212910827126fa0f9dfbd2795ec.png]

I don't know what I'm doing wrong :( Does anyone have any suggestions or have any helpful advice to offer?

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(03-10-2016, 01:09 PM)IvaIva81 Wrote:

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When you import saved collada in, for example  blender, do you optimize it for rigging? Cause it is all in triangles and much denser then avastar avi, so can not be rigged well.. I am asking about clothes tho

You can if you want to, SL converts quads to tris, so you can for the most part just press "Alt+J" and it will remove the extra that SL added.
Or you can try decimating it a little, that also helps mainly with hair  or reallly heavy clothes.

I tried that, and still can not rig properly... First i thought it is because i tried to rig riped demos for maitreya body, but when i import standard size of the same clothing, mesh structure  is same. I watched every YT video that is marked with "rig", tried few versions of avastar and blender, and whatever i did i could never get the results of nice and smooth rig. And if decimate it , i think i ll loose texture data on mesh. I really wonder how creators manage such prefect rigs for creations..

Well, you're not gonna get EXACT weighting unless you have a copy of the weights the creator used to transfer to, and you lost the texture data? it sounds like you redid the topology instead of decimating, use the deecimate modifier and you can reduce the weight of the mesh.
Now if you want smooth mesh you'll have to do it manually with the weight gradient. Thats what alot of people use.

So, for maitreya body there is actually no way to rig ripped demo unless i have maitreya kit? :Crying:

For the most part, but we're working on making a dev kit for taht body, as soon as LL updates my damn inventory. Try requesting the dev kit from the creator, the more lines we put in the water the closer we are to getting it.

:Adore: Really??! Dev kit for maitreya will be available here?? That would be most awsome thing in sl world (and a bit of rl)  :) I applied on their page about a month ago, but i dont have store so they didnt even bothered to answer, and now i strongly believe in all that stories i ve been reading about her shady buisness and that kit get only few big stores

(09-26-2015, 11:07 AM)ZeroThe10th Wrote:

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I see the problem and here is the solution.
Step 1: Update your darkstorm by downloading one of the two updates here

[To see links please register here]

Your mesh body is a fitmesh body and that version of Darkstorm can't handle fitmesh

Step 2: the reason why the mesh export is failing is because you are exporting it wrong, you can't export mesh or objects through the folder method you're using, only textures, wearables, sounds, basically everything except objects can be exported that way.
To export mesh in darkstorm please read the following tutorial.

[To see links please register here]

Same issues here unlucky, with new darkstorm too

wow so many useful links. the more the merrier

Maitreya dev kit?? A big woo woo for this thread.

They're giving them out to people with marketplace stores... I still suck, someone get in there!!

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