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I hope I'm posting this in the right spot, but I'm looking for a program called Second Inventory. I realize it is not available, but I have contacted the vendor asking if he would sell a copy to back up my SL inventory. Naturally he hasn't responded in the last month.

I have a copy, but the inventory key is only for one computer. Does anyone have a pirated copy that will work? Or other suggestions to back it up? We are dismantling a large structure and there could be 100's of inventory items.

Thanks in advance for your help!


Also is there anything that will backup an entire sim?

Well I know darkstorm has a full sim export but it can only do the old stuff you know prim sculpts not so much mesh

I thought I posted this the other day, but this a user guide for DS so that us newbies can learn to use it?

Can anyone please help me here ?

Anyone help with helping copying inventory offline?


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The website looks to be current... I remember this being listed as a 3rd party viewer few years ago. I thought it was free back then... I don't know if I ever had a copy or not. I'll look in my old hard drives, but I am supposing the program wouldn't work anymore if they outdated it.

I checked my backup hard-drive, not on it. SOMEONE was torrenting this but it's not being seeded here.

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maybe you can get them to seed it again?

While it's not a cracked version, here's the install file I have for it. Perhaps someone with more skill than I have will be able to do something with it. I found it a great tool for backing up the stuff I created, and who knows, maybe someone here has enough skill to not only crack it but remove the permissions checks as well.

.rar   Second Inventory.rar (Size: 5.49 MB / Downloads: 38)

Take care and have fun,

thanks for adding this...maybe I can get it to work

Let me know if I can help. It's still installed on my laptop, so I've got all the files of a fully registered user.

Take care and have fun,

thanks I really needed this! :ThumbsUp::ThumbsUp::ThumbsUp::ThumbsUp:

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