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[Image: bff03r.jpg]
Made by the people who did Zbrush this is a simplified way of making mesh that can be used in SL.

I love this tool and use it often, it's a 3d clay like program that reminds me of a more advanced ver of blender's sculpt feature.

it has it has it;s Pros and cons
Pro: Super easy to use, subdivides automatically, the mirror mode
and it's cons
Con: Mirror mode: As well as being a pro this is a horrible con once you disable the mirror mode all asymmetrical things as removed -_- So only disable it once you sculpted out all your symmetrical parts
The triangle count is ungodly high but this can be fixed by clicking the reduce button a few times until the count goes down.
( basically I hit the reduce button until it starts looking funky once it cracks hit ctrl+Z to undo and go to the state before the crack-err you'll understand once you start)
also a BIIG downside to this program is that when you export the project ( it exports as OBJ, so you have to throw it in a program to convert it as ..dae
The topology is effed up, this effects how the texture will lay on the model.
So far I've found one workflow that works but it requires zbrush and blender features to fix it.
Somethin I personally don't mind and I totally recommend it for people who want to make props or stuff but cant seem to get the swing of traditional methods.

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cool..let me see ...thank you

am gonna check it out thanks bunnies
[Image: 174576_138600926198929_5528847_n.jpg]

Sweet gonna have a look
[Image: t8reyp.png]

reserved. thankss

thankyou so much x

Thank you!

thank you very much for all this information

good very good link I like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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