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Fraps (the name of which comes from Frames per Second) is a screen-capturing application for windows which allows you to do things like see how well a computer performs with a game, take screenshots in several formats (PNG, JPG, etc), and make realtime videos of whatever the hell is going on your screen. Most nigras use this program to record videos of their raids for prosperity and YouTube.

Recording resolutions can go up to 2560x1600, allowing someone to make high quality videos. Recording speeds can be set from anywhere from 10fps to 100fps. However, when a video resolution is high, try to keep the frame-rate rather low, or the video will not run in real time, and will lag like a dysfunctional piece of shit.

Runs on Windows XP and above
Can only record programs that use OpenGL or DirectX (on other words, games)
Requires an at least fairly decent computer
Shareware, but the free version is highly limited and basically useless.
The price is about $37. Cracks exist all round the internet, however.
Some argue that Vista runs the program the best.


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how to upload the articles of goonsquad a second life

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