REP and Reputation what is it and how to give/get it

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What is REP?

REP or Reputation is a sort of :ThumbsUp: to the uploader, saying not only did you do a good job, but thank you for taking the time out of your day to upload this for us. REP also works as an indicator of a person's trustworthiness and skill of posting good items, which help ease the minds of the members Not to mention the more REP a person has the higher in rank they will be on the board, and the cooler they are to the Admins and fellow members.

So yeah REP give it when you can.

Different types of REP

The Goonsquad has two types of REP+ that can be given
Positive REP or REP+ and Negative REP or REP-

Positive REP will allow you to continue on the board and increase your standing on the board.

Negative REP- Are marks against you and will lead to you getting kicked off the board.
Posting Spam,Leeching, Goonshare links, starting drama and just doing things against our Rules/TOS will get you REP-, If your rep hits -10 Your account will be banned from the board.

0-9 REP makes you a New Blue (Get it newblue Noob?)

The more positive your REP is the higher and rank you go
10+Rep makes you a RED
or a Blood (Depending on how old the Admin is)

50+ REP makes you a Blue or Blue Blood( again depending on how old the Admin is)

How to get REP?
Gaining rep is extremely easy, all you have to do is ...wait for it.. Post content, if you post content or help out a fellow member you will get rep.
Also Introducing yourself and filling out your profile will also get you rep
How do I give rep?

Giving rep is one of the fun things about the board, as I said earlier it's a easy way to say Thanks to a uploader letting them know that someone appreciates their hard work, because the Rep button is in different places depending on the the style the user has in place. The Fastest way to give rep would be to scroll over to the Poster's profile tab on the post

(Default Board style)
[Image: 2dmalx.png]

(Black BB style)

[Image: 4lmwc8.png]

There in the tab you will see the words
"Reputation: ( Rep number)
Middle click on the number ( You can do a left click but it will open the rep menu in the same window so make sure you're finish posting before you click it)
(Default Board style)
[Image: 34o20za.jpg]
(Black BB style)
[Image: 347k0gj.jpg]

This will open up the Reputation Report page, here you can see all the person's REP stats.. since I can't give myself REP, I'll use the first person I see, for this part XD
REP Report
Here you can see all the stat a person has
[Image: szkb2d.png]

Name of the user ( Purple Arrow)
Total of Reputation Points (Red Arrow)
Reputation from Members: Reputation give to this person directly on their profile
Reputation from Posts: Reputation give from the Posts.

Comments(pink arrow): Why the person gave the amount of Rep they did. The comments will always show the name of the giver as well as their own rep. It feels nice when a person of high rep says thanks >_<

Rep over time(Green arrow): These stats show just how much rep the person got in the last
Week/Month and last 6 months.

Rate User (blue arrow): The most important button here, pressing this button allows you to give the rep, Good or bad this button controls it all.
(can you feel the power? XD)


With the Rep report explained it's time to Rate/ Give REP

Giving Rep+

[Image: 14nd4w0.png]
Wait for the REP box to come up

[Image: 2dhh161.png]

Click The drop menu and award the amount of Rep+ or REP- points
Leave a comment
The comment must be 4 letters or longer

When finished press the Add Rating button and your done!

Huzzah you just gave someone Rep

Pat yourself on the back. When you're done you'll see this screen and the Reputation process is complete.
[Image: 14avonn.png]
The Rep rating and comment will show on the person's rep report and profile. Rep comments are Public so don't say anything you don't mind others seeing.

[Image: 24nlls7.png]
And that's how you give REP, that wasnt so hard was it?
Now get out there and give that REP!

Oh my. So that is what you meant as a test dummy. Good guide. Let's hope people now read it for they stop trying to report people instead.

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