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Is it possible to request this telephone number be inidated with crap?  202-656-8430

This fine excuse for a human being thought it would be a good idea to try to scam my 13 year old daughter on her emergency cell phone.  When she told her mother, he then threatened her.  Now she is afraid to go anywhere, even to school. 

Therefore, I am posting this around, and urge you to do the same.... Blow this cellphone up!

Thanks and have a good time.

You should report this number to the "phone scam system" & they will deal with this matter for you!

(05-20-2016, 03:01 PM)Summer Wrote:

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You should report this number to the "phone scam system" & they will deal with this matter for you!

Its a DC area code being used via VOIP from Jamaca ... nothing they can do ... Ive subscribed him to some goodies tho which will keep his phone hot for a while ...

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