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Hello all,

I was told today by a friend that a hud named Fist Fuck was out and being used on another friend of theirs. They went on explaining that the Fist Fuck hud was ripping their friends clothes off, deforming, taking objects from inventory an all types of fun features. Has anyone heard of this hud? Also, is there currently any kind of hits on a person named Desperad resident? They own a sim getting hit like 3 or more times a day. The sim name is krama horse ranch. Was wondering if it was GS or not.

The scripts I know have been tossed around here/there for it. There is no way to tell if it was from GS or not. People might be having fun and trolling because they have nothing better to do. Can never imply if it was one of us, unless someone admits to it, which they probably will not.

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