Mermaid AO 3 -Dance with the Waves stand/walk/fly (1-45 of 82 anims)

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[Image: 55HziVY.jpg]

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You can swims around very well like a Dancing.

This is DEMO movie. Please check!

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Standing 1-10
Walking 1-4
Sitting 1-5
Sitting On Ground 1-2
Crouch Walking
Pre Jumping
Flying & Swimming
Hovering & Floating
Flying Down
Flying Up
Turning Right
Turning Left

34 kinds, Total 82 Animations.
and 6 different notecards to load.
(Priority3 & 4 × 3 Sizes)

This AO include 6 notecards to use properly.
Priority 3&4 × 3 sizes.
so there are 34 kinds, 82 Animations.

It can not be completely coverd all type of shapes.
Epecially Sit5 greatly influences shape.

I recomend to use priority4 walks even when you use
priority3 notecards.
Because Priority3 is tends to be release,stop,
or not work.
So I set priority3&4 walks in Priority3's notecard.
Please acknowledge it.

"Mer Kick Hud" has 3 power level button. Light,Medium
and Heavy.
Click the button and you can kick somebody in front of you.
This is "push" system. You can use it at permitted area.

If you want to jumping swim (like a DEMO movie)
or keep your body at surface or under the sea,
You need not only AO but also special script.
I introduce 2 useful scripts for merfolk.

Swimaid! by Bunni Morrisey

[To see links please register here]

Mer Betta SkimSurfaceSimple script (v) by Opal Lei

[To see links please register here]

(i am not the author of above text. please do not bug me about the spelling/grammar, ty.

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.7z   Mermaid AO 3 -Dance with the Waves walks stands and fly 1-45.7z (Size: 174.83 KB / Downloads: 39)

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