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Not sure why your Blender keeps crashing. Try re-installing your Blender.

(06-09-2016, 09:50 PM)Minaj Wrote: Not sure why your Blender keeps crashing. Try re-installing your Blender.

I redownloaded and reinstalled but once the paint hits the hands it freezes up and crashes.

The most common causes of Blender crashes.
  • Running out of memory.
  • Issues with graphics hardware/drivers.
  • Bugs in Blender.
see this article on troubleshooting -

I followed the article and it's still crashing. Only when I go to paint over the hands very weird.

EDIT: I watched the console before and during the freeze and crash but it didn't show any error messages.

Hmm THAT is weird, I never had that happened to me before.. Umm if you keep crashing, my suggestion would be to make the alpha in photoshop instead.
Export the body and the mesh together making sure the body and mesh has it's own material slot.
Import the two into photoshop and paint the alpha there.

I was able to do Ambient Occlusion bake and then take that into photoshop and edit it. Works perfectly. I'm sure the texture paint would be easier but oh well.

Oh, That's really smart! I didn't think about AO bakingthe body and then painting.

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