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A Montgomery County woman was arrested for allegedly buying heroin and then sharing it with her 15-year-old daughter and her daughter's boyfriend.

Authorities say back in April, the 36-year-old and a friend implored Davenport's teen daughter to snort the drug on the kitchen table at their townhome in Montgomery Woods.

"Unfortunately adults do have a lot of influence over kids and such and you need to be better role model," said Nathan Reitz, neighbor.

"When I read these allegations of a mother introducing her daughter to a drug like heroin, the devil's poison, I am really at a loss for words," said Montgomery County District Attorney Risa Ferman.

The addiction progressed through the summer and police say the family would soon be making almost daily trips to North Philadelphia to buy heroin.

Davenport would allegedly inject her daughter and her 16-year-old boyfriend on the ride home.

According to court papers, an 8-year-old step-brother would often be in the car and watch the terrifying plunge into a drug stupor.

"His life, at this very young age, has been deeply impacted," said Ferman.

Police say Davenport was exposed after a friend of the teen notified administration at the Soudertown Area High School on the first day of school.

A nurse saw the teen's needle marks and authorities were immediately contacted.

"Fortunately for this lady, she had enough friends that spoke up and got the intervention she needed," said Chief Thomas Medwid, Lower Salford Police.

Davenport and a second person were arrested and remain behind bars, facing serious child endangerment charges.

As for her children, they are in the custody of relatives.

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Ah this was all over the news

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