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The MESHES program that allows you to extract rigged mesh from SL

Awesome. Sad that you're leaving us, though.

Thanks for the Post...oops! I don't know how to use it ...Help!  Come back and see us soon Zero :Adore:

(05-01-2016, 10:20 PM)ZeroThe10th Wrote:

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HEre...My last post and gift to you guys, the MESHES program that allows you to extract rigged mesh from SL
it's been cleaned the best we could clean it but who knows what may still be in it. US art your own risk, and enjoy.
Needless to say you need darkstorm for this program to work so make sure you download this first.
I was gonna write a tutorial for this, but you know i'm sure you  guys are smart enough to figure it out. Enjoy and have fun extracting the world.

Sorry to see you go. Please help with this just last time. Please.
[Image: 1461546507_949iVzl9xNUiCCU.jpg]

(05-02-2016, 03:39 PM)CocoCurious Wrote:

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Thanks for the Post...oops! I don't know how to use it ...Help!  Come back and see us soon Zero :Adore:

Hi! Fellow Goony here. If you figure this out let me know what you did. Thanks, lilith969 :Laugh:
[Image: 1461546507_949iVzl9xNUiCCU.jpg]

I posted a video on how to use it, it's still processing as of the time of this post, but give it a second or two and it should all work out.
Now You guys have no excuse for NOT sharing that mesh XD.
I wanna see you guys hussle, no slacking just because I'm gone...
Good luck y'all  and have fun with your project o(^_^)b

Something I forgot to mention, The Xml export are not like before, these are time senstive meaning if you don't extract the mesh from the Xml asap you risk it being overwritten by the cache. if that happens then you'll get this error like canot find mesh inthe VR something or another.
You'll hAlsoo revisit the mesh and extract a new Xml .
Also the mesh you want to wear MUST BE WORN at the time of the extraction., you can not extract mesh/rigged mesh from items on the ground.

Thank you but not sure are you leavimng us :( 
 The youtube video is not working for me :( so not sure how to work it

Just so she doesn't have to work even more, i'll give the cliff notes. 

Copy whatever mesh you want in Darkstorm, make sure you use the method that saves it as xml, not .obj or .dae. Make sure you check the button that says "Download textures" too. You'll need them for later.
Open the program she gave you, and the first box wants you to point it to the data.db2.x.x files, which Darkstorm puts in C:\Users\(your username)\AppData\Local\Darkstorm   

Then click the second box and find the xml of the mesh you copied earlier. You'll see it show the name in the box below. Click the buttons below that say something like "Copy the slm mesh", and then the other that says "Create dae files". It should tell you that the mesh file has been created.  Go look in the program's folder that says "DaeFiles" and you'll see the newly made .dae file, although it'll be named something funky. That'll be the rigged (or unrigged, depending on the mesh) file that you can now import into SecondLife using SecondLife's usual mesh import method. (not Darkstorms!)  

You'll have to texture it yourself, and an easy (and no cost to you) method of doing that is finding the folder where you saved the xml in the first place, and finding the folder for that xml that has "_assets" behind it. The texture files in there are named by their UUID, so just copy that UUID name, open Darkstorm, go to the Darkstorm menu, hit Keytool.....   if you have the UUID copied to your clipboard then it should pop open that texture and put it in your Darkstorm temp inventory folder named textures.  Drag that onto your mesh and walla, it's textured.  (and will stay textured, not temp textured)

I can't find the program's folder that says "DaeFiles" !!
Help me

(05-03-2016, 03:54 AM)giorgio494 Wrote:

[To see links please register here]

I can't find the program's folder that says "DaeFiles" !!
Help me

There are folders in the .rar file she posted, make sure you unzip those. That is where your finished .dae files will end up

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