How to rip and read appliers for your skins etc

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Ok, I learned this and its time you all do too. Lots of people want to know how to use the appliers with the skins, bodies they have etc. Here you go. This isn't all mine so apologies.

STEP ZERO: Know how to edit objects, how to edit linked parts. Be aware of the permissions of the object, whether it's copyable, modifyable etc so you can do your work safely without ruining your product. Being unmodifiable, or uncopyable, does -NOT- stop you from being able to rip its contents, it just means you need to take care not to do something to it you can't fix, like don't take a no-copy notecard out of a no-mod HUD. Even you have such a HUD as that there is a way get around it. No HUD is unhackable. Just remember, somethings you only get one shot at.

STEP ONE: Get my notecard reader, from this thread:

[To see links please register here]

It will read any notecard you can get into the same prim with it, regardless of the permissions of anything. At least I have not been able to create a notecard it can't read. Why this works is, if -this- script can't read a notecard, neither can any other one, so, any such notecard as that would be useless for appliers. Big Grin After you have the script, practice run it a few times on notecards so you are familiar with how it works.

STEP TWO: Choose a target package with appliers, and unpack a fresh clean copy into your inventory, so your own things you have changed or made aren't mixed into the share. If it has 'boxes inside boxes' unpack all that too, then when you have them all unpacked, drag the folders those boxes made all into the main folder of the item. Sort your folders by name, so that as you take things out to work on them and put them back, 'date' sorting won't make the listing order rearrange itself and make you lose your place.

For this tutorial my target package is [Pink Fuel] Sora Alabaster Special Edition. Its an example as when I got this. I don't have the share for it. However, this will work with any [PF]. Once all its boxes are unpacked and organized, it looks something like this in inventory (your mileage may vary:
[Image: 2h4mkap.jpg]
Now that we have it all nice and neat, we are ready to start taking things apart and getting what we need. Big Grin A lot of this is just already wearables that were packed up in other bags inside the main bag, and those are ready to go now, they can be saved to disk just as they are. But several of the folders you see have appliers in them, and that's where the fun is. Big Grin

STEP THREE: Choose a target HUD or applier to work on.

Coming alphabetically down the folders, the first one that has a HUD is the Baby Bump Applier. I always rez what I'm working on, onto a platform up high in the air on an empty sim. If what you have has one of those annoying 'poof on rez' scripts, you can wear it and do this too. Either way, get the HUD where you can work on it, edit it, and find the notecard.

And this is where I will tell you how to deal with inconvenient permissions. The HUDs in that package are all copyable so it really doesn't matter if I had blown one up trying to rip it, but for the education let's assume it was no-copy and no-mod, so that if we break it we lose it.
One way you can get around this, but you only have one shot at it: If you have had the item long enough, your beta grid login should have it too. (I've heard that an update on beta grid inventory can be forced by changing your password and waiting a day or so, but I've never really tested that theory.) So, if your beta grid login has the item, you can feel a little less at risk of damaging the item, but remember, if it is locked down like that, you only get one try at it.

Okay, now I have rezzed the Baby Bump Applier on my work platform, 4k meters in the air on an empty sim with a 5 hour return time, so I'm not rushed. I had to 'edit linked parts' to find the notecard, and as you will see in the pic, it is no copy, but that script doesn't give a damn about that. The HUD is no modify, so taking the card out is going to break this HUD permanently, but it -is- copyable so we don't care, the notecard perms don't affect you being able to rez another HUD again from your inventory. But always test it first, before you do anything to the target object. And if it is not copyable, get a copy first just in case.[Image: nxuqyt.jpg]
Now we are to where that notecard reader script comes into play.

STEP FOUR: Read the card.

Drag the config notecard into your inventory. Then make a prim, drop the card and that script into the prim, and give the chat command that makes the script read the card. Then make a notecard, copy and paste from your local chat into it, and save it, put it in the same folder with the HUD and anything else that came from that box or bag, named as the original card was. You can use the search-replace to trim the timestamps and object name off so that it is really identical to the original card, you just put it in the search box, and hit replace without putting anything in the replace box, so it replaces it, with nothing. :D
Heres a pic of that script working its magic:
[Image: idc6f9.jpg]
And that's it! Pick the HUD up, explode it, whatever you want to do, you are finished with it.

That was a really simple applier. You can use exactly the same method to take apart one that's a little more complex, because it has different nipple types and tones, like the Lush one in the Sora Alabaster, and those cards are all in buttons on the hud. It works the same way, edit linked parts, drag the card out, drop it and the script into a prim, copy paste to a new card. But on the Lush HUD, each button has a name, and that name is how to tell which UUID is going to do what nipple type and tone, so you have to make folders for each button.
Now you have real freedom. Enjoy. (and Kingpoop eat a bag of prim cocks):D

thanks for all the info, well done!

Hi so that looks so cool  let see if i can do this lol

highly interesting!  :ThumbsUp:

Im gonna give this a try seems a bit complex but i like a challenge.

Thank you!!!

its very helpful! thank you!

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