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I didn't want to ask this question in the Extinction viewer thread, becuase it'll get lost in amongst the "reply to see the link" responses.

The only solution that I can find on the forum dealing with the problem of importing a ripped object and having your own name show as the creator of an object/linkset appears to be for Exinction.

So I thought "I'll grab Extinction" and see how it does it. *

But I noticed that, while the viewer was posted in March of 2015, the screen shot is from 2013. The OP doesn't indicate a version number, or a version of the 'source client'.

So - is Extinction long out of date or not?


I figure it's using one of two different approaches:

It's either using the full-perms prim which was created by someone else as the 'source' prim for each prim it creates ... so that each time it adds a prim to the import it makes a copy of that prim and then sets it to the parameters required by the XML file, or

It just makes the full-perms source other-creator prim the root prim of the linkset.

The first solution is cool, the second one is trivial and far too easy to see through, so I'm guessing it's the former.

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