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gracias man

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Great help

(08-19-2014, 03:10 PM)machinecode Wrote: If you don't know how to troll anything in general:

Otherwise, welcome to the party. Sign up on the forums for martyrship.

This is more for getting started with Griefing and trolling Second Life specifically, like learning the controls so you can bomb people and then spam them etc. Topics are addressed in the order of use, more specifically: account creation, use of Shooped Life, and general building/coding tips for once you get in game.

Registering a Second Life account

Setup a free account at

Commonly used registry sites

You can type in any random email, it doesn’t matter if it exists or not. For example, I commonly go for the lulzy emails such as, “[email protected]” or “[email protected]”; even random strings of letters and numbers work. Pretty much anything goes so long as the @domain is valid. If you the site you have chosen requires validation, then proceed to the below list of tips for rapid email account generation.

Commonly used email sites:

NOTE: Sometimes the registration requires activation if this is the case you can youe one of the email providers listed below.

Yahoo : SLOW
Gmail : FAST
Hotmail : SLOW
Tenminutemail : BLAZIN'
Temporaryinbox :


The reason the gmail account is given a moderate speed rating is because while some people choose to use this little trick for an infinite string of easy gmail accounts, you still have to actually register at least once.

Essentially, it works like this.

You must first register a gmail account, for example [email protected]

When registering for Second Life, you would use [email protected] as your email

When you are eventually banned, simply register a new SL account with something like [email protected]

And when you are banned again, you could then register another account with something like [email protected] as your email

Each time you register a new SL account, the sites will believe you have given them a new and unique email, which is technically true, but it will always send it to your original [email protected] This works because gmail ignores the "+" sign and all text that comes after it. Basically, you now have an infinitely reusable email address.

It is believed that using temporary inbox email accounts like Tenminutemail, guarantee an early b&, I rarely find this to be the case. Consider this, Linden Labs could have a system to flag emails like Tenminutemail, but they would have to personally sift through every flagged account, and then try to verify it by sending the user another email or something. These are the same people who coded a game client that hogs almost as much, if not more resources than Crysis, so it is highly unlikely that they would ever go to such an extent to prevent griefing of any sort. Commonly, most of the unexpected b&'s come from when you are randomly reported by any number of Second Life faggots. Essentially, the default avatar is the equivalent of a habbo nigra, and is thus reported on sight.


When you get to this stage, you'll probably be tempted to make yourself a nigra.


(More protips available in that section)

Building shit

Find Help Island (Number above 10) and build things there before going to the main grid. Nobody is ever there. EVER. Also, include the Nuker or Abort script in everything. It will save you from being banned and having to rebuild shit with a new account when you do test raids.

Also, It's helpful to know that abort should be use with objects that go everywhere, nuker should be used with objects that remain in one sim.

You can build SOME weapons here, but they may go off since it allows script. If you're lucky, Template:Sim may be NoScript, which will allow you to build your weapons in peace.
Lol nice tut used to be away to crash Sims know none of my shit works

really suits you

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