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= Rip Particles from Objects=

So to extract the particle from the object
right click on it and select MORE> MORE> EXTINCTION > RIP OBJECTS> PARTICLES...

The particle will save to your SCRIPTS folder
like the animated texture rip the particle's texture will save in the script, so you don't need to rip it.

Now just drop the texture in a prim and enjoy.

=Rip Particles from avatars=

( Sorry I didn't see any avatars around with a particle effect going =_=)

Say you see an avatar with a nice particle effect. You can can rip it from them by

Right clicking on them and selecting
More > Extinction> Rip Avatars>Particles

You can do the same with animated textures by selecting Animated textures instead of Particles

thanks for this great tutorial

Np, it's really fun making these ^_^

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