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Well Howdy Bunny Goons!
Zero here to give you an update! We've opened up a new little section in the request section called the
"Bounty Board"
What is the bounty board you ask?
Special items that are either requested by the by the staff or our esteemed VIP members.

[To see links please register here]

So you may be asking Zero you sexy bunny, what's in it for me? why should I look for these items?
WELL-Heh-Heell I'll tell you why
Because these items are special items, and will give you DOUBLE THE REP That's right Double ze rep
if you know anything about this forum Reputation is everything, the more of it you have the more
R-E-S-P-E-C-T you get and the more of the board you get to see.
Not to mention you get some special treatment by the admins if it's high enough ^_~

Normally when you upload something good you get 1 rep, point but a bounty is worth 2 points.
Collect them all and you'll be sittin' on a fat stack o' rep and livin' the good life.

How it works

It's simple go to the Request section and look for the Bounty Board posts

[To see links please register here]

Scan the list for the items needed

Find the item and post it on the GS like you would do a normal item.

Once that item is posted post the link to the item in the reply section.

The Bounty Item will be checked off the list and you'll get your points.

Simple huh?
If you collect enough bounties you'll get something Special from us Admins >_>
What this is well.. You'll have to collect them and find out.

So yeah that's it, get out there and hunt them Bounties!

OK, item #1 +:+WTG+:+ **Dragon

[To see links please register here]

Zasha ;)

Is this where????

Yes, that is where the item is, but thanks to the anon crash we no longer have it in stock. That is why I need you guys to hunt them down.
Find the items again and repost them on the board, then post the link on the bounty board thread so we know what you did.
The broken item will be removed from the board and replaced with yours.
and you get the points.
so win-win for everyone involved .

You are a smart one. GREAT idea!!

lols this seems fun just call me duck the bounty hunter
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