Darkstorm: The Art of Disguise/Spoofing your Settings

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For obvious security reasons you may have to spoof your credentials
[Image: 16874ig.jpg]
Now what does this mean? it means you are changing the values of the viewer so your butt doesn't get banned.

So how do you spoof?

Back in the old days you had to go into a folder and change values manually, now a days it's been streamlined to the front of your viewer

Let's open up Darkstorm

[Image: 2nrhvmp.png]

The first thing you'll need to keep an eye on is the Firestorm Notice box
this box will show you the current version of legit firestorm that running now.

[Image: e6qatk.png]

Take note of the number here as you'll need to enter it into the spoofer.
If for whatever reason you don't see the current version box, we have the current version posted at the bottom of the copybot viewer section, so you can always check there.
[Image: 2hz72mt.png]

Now that we know what version of Firestorm is current , we have to look at the version we're running, and that is shown here in the Client Information box
[Image: rbfa88.png]

If this box has a different number from the Notice box then you'll need to spoof.

Time to wear your mask.

At the bottom of your viewer, next to the Log in button ( before you sign you sign in )
You'll see a button that says "Login Spoof"

Select that button and it'll bring up "The Spoofer"

[Image: 2zqsd4w.png]

The spoofer is pretty self explanatory but we'll explain it anyway

Channel - Your viewer's broadcasting name,
Mac- Checking the box and the looping icon allows you to spoof your MAC ID
ID0- Checking the box and the looping icon allows you to spoof your ID0
DS system folder: Remember how Darkstorm would create that DS or DARKSTORM folder in your inventory that would get peole in trouble? well changing this value will make the DARKSTORM/DS folder save as whatever you put in this box
Now here is the good stuff, remember the numbers I told you to save before? the current version of the legit viewer?
This is where you input those numbers
If the Current version is
You would fill in
Major: 4
Build: 47323

When you're done press OK and you're done.

Sign in as normal and enjoy the viewer.:ThumbsUp:

Do you recommend people change the DS System Folder? Or leave it on default?

I would say leaving it in default as #Firestorm is the best, that way it keeps up the charade that you're using a legit Firestorm.

Nice walk through. You should do a video and post it.

(10-25-2015, 06:37 PM)Ap0110 Wrote:

[To see links please register here]

Nice walk through. You should do a video and post it.

Thank you, but video tutorials are done by this guy here ----->[Image: avatar_2668.png?dateline=1429133693]

I only do the text;)

great walk through Thank You


I'm glad you went ahead and explained the 'self explanatory' because those of us who get the glorious benefit of using these viewers are not all computer/coder educated... hell, sometimes we can hardly put on shoes!  ;)   I've seen the settings many times but had no clue how to change them.  NOW, thanks to you, I too can Spoof!  Thanks soooo much  [Image: ThumbsUp.png]


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